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Audit of financial statements

With its team of specialists, Audit Combinate is focussed on carrying out auditing engagements and related services (both statutory and voluntary).

Audit provides certainty

The financial statements play a key role in financial reporting and an audit provides certainty of their reliability. With the financial statements, organizations account for the past financial year. Stakeholders, such as banks, shareholders, subsidy providers and potential customers, gain an insight into performance through the financial statements. They must, of course, be able to trust the figures and explanations given. An auditor's report on the financial statements by an independent auditor offers this certainty.

Statutory and compulsory audits

To protect social and economic traffic, companies of a certain size are legally obliged to have a audit carried out. Voluntary audits give companies a stronger position because the statement offers a degree of certainty.

Statutory audit of financial statements

From a certain size, companies are legally obliged to have their financial statements audited by an audit firm with the required license. But when are you legally required to be audited? Your company is subject to audit if two of the following three criteria are met for two consecutive financial years.

The current criteria are:

  1. Balance sheet total greater than € 6 million.
  2. Net sales greater than € 12 million.
  3. On average 50 or more employees.

A statutory audit of the financial statements may only be performed by an audit firm that has a license from the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). The AFM thus guarantees the quality and reliability of the audits. The audit firm of your choice performs the audit at your office.

Voluntary audit of annual accounts

Voluntary audit provides assurance of the reliability of the financial statements. This puts you in a better position to account to society. Such a voluntary audit can have major added value. There are various reasons:

  • Management wants to show that the company is 'in control'. The audit may also be a requirement from the Supervisory Board or external shareholders.
  • It can offer added value when applying for a loan or subsidy scheme or when selling your business.


More info

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