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Complaints and
whistleblower policy

Complaints procedure

Audit Combinate is constantly working on the quality of our services. Personal involvement with our customers and their companies creates a strong relationship between the customer and Audit Combinate. If you are nevertheless not entirely satisfied with our service, we would invite you to let us know as soon as possible, that way we can look for a suitable solution together. We take your complaints and / or comments very seriously.

Often complaints are best solved during a good conversation (by telephone or in person). We therefore request that you first contact us by telephone to discuss the problem or to make an appointment.

In the unlikely event that your complaint has not been resolved with a conversation, you can formally submit the complaint in writing using the form below to our office's compliance officer. A copy of our complaints procedure is available on request.

Complaints form

Whistleblower policy

Complaints are taken seriously and handled carefully and confidentially. This also means that individuals inside and outside the organizations can raise alleged irregularities without endangering their legal position.

The whistleblower policy is applicable in addition to the procedure for complaints about the services of Audit Combinate and the policy with regard to differences of opinion.

  • Someone who makes use of the whistleblower policy can notify the compliance officer of Audit Combinate anonymously by means of a letter or e-mail;
  • The compliance officer is obliged to confirm the notification within one week of receiving the notification. In this confirmation, the compliance officer also states the procedure and the timeframe that will be followed when handling the notification;
  • After 4 weeks at the latest, the compliance officer notifies the informant about the measures that have been taken and how further processing will take place. In the special situation that this information cannot be given within 4 weeks, the compliance officer informs the notifier of this and indicates the period within which finalization will take place.
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